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Domestic Violence NSW Service Management (DVSM)

A registered charity which aims to prevent violence and provide support and assistance to women and children escaping or experiencing domestic and family violence and homelessness. DVSM provides case management, crisis accommodation, and after-hours support services in an urban context (Inner Sydney), in a suburban context (Western Sydney) and in remote rural NSW (Wilcannia).

People are at the heart of our approach and we are committed to identify, understand and respond to a person’s individual needs. This could include advocacy, housing services and/or goal setting.

We work in partnership with people to meet their needs while also developing their skills to be able to seek help from others into the future. This involves us working with the broader system and connecting people to the most appropriate support services.

In addition to frontline support services Domestic Violence Service Management designed and launched Insight Exchange in 2017. Insight Exchange hosts insights, information and resources for people experiencing domestic, family and sexualised violence and people who are responding to them. Insight Exchange resources, including public events, publications, animations and videos, are designed to be free for anyone to ensure cost is no barrier to access.

DVSM Services and Insight Exchange share learning to achieve the shared purpose of building individual and community safety and wellbeing.

DVSM is incredibly proud to be an accredited Safeguarding Children and Young People organisation, achieved through the ‘Australian Childhood Foundation’. We have a clear sense of self, a strong internal culture and a robust policy framework that combine to prioritise and protect the safety of children and young people in our care. We have a safeguarding committee in place to coordinate best practice opportunities, data, and learnings to continuously improve our organisations approach to safeguarding children and young people.

Domestic Violence NSW Service Management (DVSM) is a registered charity (ABN: 26-165-400-635) which aims to prevent and to provide support for people escaping/experiencing domestic and family violence and homelessness.

If you have any questions about our organisational services of the work we do, please contact our senior leadership team.

Structures & Services

Service Delivery

Service Delivery DVSM delivers services to support people experiencing Domestic and Family Violence, homelessness, or other safety and wellbeing needs in urban, suburban, and remote rural contexts.

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Organisational Services

The Organisational Services team support our strategic and operational goals through the provision of the cross-organisational infrastructure and supports in key areas of Human Resources, Finance, Communications and Development, and Quality Assurance & Compliance.

New programs and services

Human Resources

Communications and Development


Quality Assurance & Compliance

Insight Exchange

DVSM established Insight Exchange to strengthen social, service and system responses to people experiencing Domestic and Family Violence. Insight Exchange is an initiative of DVSM designed in Nov 2017. The Insight Exchange initiative is described and hosted on a distinct standalone website insightexchange.net