Insight Exchange

Insight Exchange centres on the expertise of people with lived experience of domestic and family violence and gives voice to these experiences. It is designed to inform and strengthen social, service and systemic responses to domestic and family violence.

Insight Exchange is governed by DVSM.

Insight Exchange is described and hosted on a distinct standalone website

The Insight Exchange team consists of Director, Sal Dennis (former CEO of DVSM and founding collaborator in the design and establishment of Insight Exchange), and Assistant Director, Luke Addinsall, who joined the team in Feb 2022.

Together with the Insight Exchange Associates and with key collaborators, participants, supporters and skilled volunteers, the Insight Exchange team is taking the work further forward into sectors and communities who may benefit.

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Sal Dennis
Director - Insight Exchange

Sal has worked in strategy and development roles in human services in London and Sydney. She has been advancing the depth and breadth of DVSM’s work including the design and establishment of Insight Exchange to inform social, service and systemic responses to domestic and family violence.

Insight Exchange has growing engagement within Australia and abroad supporting a range of sectors across the response continuum including corporates, community, health, government, specialist and statutory services. In 2020, the NSW State Coroners Domestic Violence Death Review Team Report 2017 – 2019 spoke to the value and importance of DVSM’s Insight Exchange work ‘in reframing safety planning as victim-centred and considers that this approach to safety planning should form part of all domestic violence training’. Sal is a member of the NSW Attorney Generals Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Assault Council.

Sal is known for her strategic and purposeful approach to working with others, creating common ground amongst stakeholders with differing goals and motivations. Sal’s legacy is in developing the leadership of others and distilling clear ways to understand and make progress through complexity. Sal is passionate about connecting people to people, people to ideas, and ideas to ideas.

Luke Addinsall

Luke Addinsall
Assistant Director - Insight Exchange

Luke is a Qualified and accredited Mental Health Social Worker and Counsellor with extensive experience in working with men who use violence. He has worked for over 20 years in the social sector across Government departments, specialist services, private practice, and as a consultant and individual and group supervisor.

Luke’s practice has primarily involved working with men in counselling and in men's group programs. He's recently completed his term as co-chair of the NSW Men's Behaviour Change Network. He has also engaged as a Specialist Consultant, as a member of No to Violence' NSW Expert Panel for Men's Behaviour Change and member of the DVNSW Policy and Advisory Committee as a specialist in working with men who use violence. Luke has also contributed to training the sector, at TAFE's, with NSW Education Centre Against Violence (ECAV) and various other consultancy roles for registered training organisations (RTO's).

Luke's brings an eclectic approach and understanding to the work from the various therapeutic modalities he's been trained in, including: Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Psycho-somatic psychotherapy.

Prior to starting with Insight Exchange Luke was the manager of the Men & Family Centre. An organisation that specialises in collaborative, respectful whole-of-family responses to domestic and family violence. As Assistant Director, Luke co-leads the overall initiative and portfolios within Insight Exchange.