Our Values and Principles

The Values that guide our everyday work include:


We listen and embrace diversity to support people to achieve their self-defined goals.


We remain open-minded and non-judgmental.


We are ethical, transparent and accountable.


We continuously improve and enhance our work through evidence-informed programs and services.

The Principles that guide our everyday work include:

Violence is never acceptable or exclusive or excusable
Domestic and Family Violence in all its forms is a violation of basic human rights. We all have the right to live free from violence. Children’s right to safety is paramount.

Being ‘safe’ is more than being physically safe – it includes all aspects of wellbeing. Domestic and Family Violence has a negative impact on a person’s wellbeing and in turn a community’s wellbeing.

Our approach is person centred
The people we work with are at the centre of decisions that relate to their life. We are respectful of, and responsive to, the preferences, needs, and values of people. We have respect for choices made whilst balancing competing rights, risks and responsibilities.

We uphold an individual's dignity
We view people as experts and leaders of their own lives. Everyone has the capacity to make choices, including choices relating to their risk, safety and wellbeing, and to make changes. We take care to build on an individual’s capacities, preserve hope and to do no harm.

Respect and equality is critical
We acknowledge that people can experience discrimination because of gender, disability, age, race, colour, descent, national origin or ethnic origin, or immigrant status, lived and expressed gender and sexual identity or religious belief. We work to redress inequality in all its forms and embrace diversity.

We are committed to the design and delivery of effective services
We seek to improve adults’, children’s, and young people’s sense of wellbeing through informing, empowering, and enduring strategies that can support them well beyond their time accessing services.

We respond justly
Collectively, we have to hold those who use Domestic and Family Violence responsible for their choices and actions. In order to improve individual and community safety, effective prevention and intervention strategies for those who use violence are part of the solution.

We collaborate
We value the importance of community as a place to belong and participate in. We work to support individuals’ and communities’ hopes for the future. We listen to each other and work in partnership to design and deliver services. We recognise we are not able to achieve this work on our own.

We work with integrity, inclusivity and excellence
We develop trusting relationships by working ethically, with accountability and we operate transparently. We continuously improve our work through evidence-informed programs and services.

We foster a supportive environment for staff wellbeing, development and succession
We respect, value and learn from each other’s experiences and contributions. We create opportunities and support staff members to grow in their professional potential, to lead themselves and others to continuously improve. We invite and place value on feedback, and hold each other accountable to our code of conduct and code of practice.

It is necessary for all of us to take responsibility for making change happen
Violence doesn’t exist in a vacuum. How we respond as services, family members and friends matters. This response is informed by culture, media and societal perceptions of Domestic and Family Violence and gender inequality. We work to influence others and to create change.