What people say about us

“Thanks so much for all your help.  I honestly don’t know where I’d be now if it wasn’t for you.” DVSM team

“Your gentle approach, calmness and understanding has helped me through the toughest of times.”

“I am absolutely extremely grateful for all of your help and guidance during a time I was psychologically exhausted.”

“You have been really good.  You always treated me like a human.  You are my human.”

“I’ve learnt a lot in the last 3 months.  Every person and situation is so unique.  Life is full of surprises and I wish it gets better from now.”

“I appreciate all the help and support that you have provided me over the past year.  You have been extremely patient and understanding.”

“She never gave up on me (support planner) no matter what, and because of her support I now have my L’s and next I am going to buy a car. They are all really great at the Safe House, I am so happy.”

“As I was preparing to leave family violence, I called Moving Out Moving On. I was in desperate need of support. MOMO team took the time to listen to me, although I wasn’t a client, and help understand my situation. Then when I had to move out suddenly, MOMO again was there to help me through the very difficult first few months. I had tried so many avenues to get help and MOMO were there when I felt like I had no-one. I didn’t need to tell my story again. MOMO constantly checked in to see how I was coping and it was a lifeline. It really kept me going, knowing there was someone who understood, encouraged and supported me when everything was so overwhelming and hard. I will always be grateful for the respectful, amazing support I received through the biggest challenge of my life, and my children’s. Thank you for the incredibly valuable work you do to support people at a traumatic time in their life.”

“Before I came to ROAR I thought refuges would be really bad and scary places. If I had of known how good they would be then I would have left (the violence) years ago. I was just scared, but everyone here has been so good to us and it really feels like home.”

“I have left him many times before but always went back because I didn’t know what to do. Knowing that I could just call you has made all the difference to me.”