Become a sponsor of DVSM initiative, Insight Exchange

Launched in late 2017, Insight Exchange is a key initiative of DVSM that Organisational Servicesgoes beyond sector and system boundaries, bringing to the fore the significant meaning of social responses to violence and the important role we all play in responding to violence.

Two key elements drive the priorities of our work.

  • “67% of women sought support from a friend or family member more than other supports” (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report (2018)) – How can we support people experiencing Domestic and Family Violence who may not now or ever reach out to services like us?
  • ‘‘Social Responses’ are the most potent preventative force”(Dr Linda Coates) – How can we support social and service responders in understanding the complexities of Concepts of Safety from the lead, perspective, and voice of people experiencing abuse?

In order to develop these priority areas we need to work in new ways with new resources and supportive sponsors.

Traditional funding models for domestic and family violence do not address the enduring unmet need for a better understanding of violence. Many professional disciplines who are responding to violence, such as human services, justice, and health, receive little to no training in understanding violence.

Insight Exchange is designed to help address this gap.

The work of Insight Exchange:

  • supports people to share their lived experience through Insight Exchange in a safe and ethical way
  • shares these insights with people, organisations and communities across multiple contexts and sectors
  • supports organisations to build awareness and improve their responses to people experiencing violence
  • publishes resources to assist people experiencing violence and anyone responding to violence.

DVSM is committed to ensuring that any materials it produces and information it shares, is free and without cost barriers to people and communities who need it most.

Your sponsorship will help take Insight Exchange further forward more broadly and deeply into contexts and communities who have not had access to, or support with, these ideas.

If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor of this work, please call us on (02) 9251 2405 to arrange a conversation with the CEO of DVSM.