Help and accommodation

We support people experiencing Domestic and Family Violence, homelessness, or other safety and wellbeing needs in NSW.

People are at the heart of our approach and we use a case-by-case process to identify, understand and respond to a person’s individual needs. This could include advocacy, housing services and/or goal setting.

We work in partnership with people to meet their needs while also developing their skills to be able to seek help from others into the future. This involves us working with the broader system and connecting people to the most appropriate support services.

Support in Inner Sydney

Moving Out Moving On (MOMO) provides outreach support to women with or without children in the inner city of Sydney, who are escaping from or experiencing Domestic and Family Violence or are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Support and accommodation in Western Sydney

Refuge Outreach Action Response (ROAR) provides refuge accommodation and outreach support to women who are escaping or experiencing Domestic and Family Violence, homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless. We also have a Domestic Violence After-Hours Service (DVAHS) Monday to Friday between 1pm and 8.30am or 24 hours a day Sat and Sun.

Support and accommodation in Wilcannia (remote rural NSW)

Wilcannia Safe House (WSH) provides overnight, short and medium-term accommodation plus outreach support for women with or without children who are escaping or experiencing Domestic and Family Violence. The House predominantly supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

What you can expect

Discover what you can expect when you interact with our services and how we'll support you.

Insight Exchange Foundation

Insight Exchange (established by DVSM) centres on the expertise of people with lived experiences of domestic and family violence and gives voice to these experiences. It is designed to inform and strengthen social, service and systemic responses to domestic and family violence.