How we listen and improve the system

Insight Exchange


Insight Exchange is designed to strengthen social, service and system responses to people experiencing domestic and family violence.

Insight Exchange is an initiative of DVSM designed in Nov 2017, in collaboration with Dr Linda Coates and Dr Allan Wade from Centre for Response-Based Practice Canada.

Insight Exchange involves two key components. The "insight" component: listening to people with lived experiences of domestic and family violence and highlighting where responses they received were helpful, unhelpful and harmful, and the "exchange" component: working across sectors to engage people towards this insight to inform how they shape and improve their responses to people experiencing violence.

Insight Exchange is described and hosted on a distinct standalone website


In 2015, DVSM established a Professional Services division called Sightlines which in November 2017 led the design and development of DVSM’s key initiative Insight Exchange.

Insight Exchange is owned and governed by DVSM as a registered charity and is funded through the generosity of donors who seek to take this work forward.

You can reach the Insight Exchange team to ask a question via the Insight Exchange contact us page.