Projects and initiatives



The following projects and initiatives have been developed through the work of Service Delivery Teams and Insight image



  • Insight Exchange is designed to strengthen social, service and system responses to people experiencing domestic and family violence. Insight Exchange is an initiative of DVSM designed in Nov 2017. Insight Exchange involves two key components. The INSIGHT component - listening to people with lived experiences of domestic and family violence and highlighting where responses they received were helpful, unhelpful and harmful, and the EXCHANGE component - working across sectors to engage people towards this insight to inform how they shape and improve their responses to people experiencing violence. Insight Exchange is described and hosted on a distinct standalone website


DVSM has explored lines of enquiry on particular focus areas. These reflections have been collated into reflections series papers.

  • Reflections Paper 2.1 – DFV and ABI Intersection
    This paper provides a review of some of the key issues and includes:
    • Questions and critical analysis
    • Recommendations, from the perspective of DVSM’s frontline Domestic and Family Violence workers, that DVSM could reasonably undertake; and
    • Considerations on how the intersection of DFV and ABI may affect the clients that DVSM works with.