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Partner with us

DVSM are always looking for new ways to partner and connect with like-minded organisations, corporate partners and individuals. As an organisation we are always looking for innovative ways to offer solutions to the people we serve.

We have partnered with a variety of businesses and organisations to better the lives of our clients. Examples of partnerships include:

  • Product donations
  • Skilled volunteering
  • Corporate donations and sponsorships
  • Workplace giving

We have some large scale projects in the works, including our Wilcannia Community Hub project and would love to explore partnership opportunities. If you have an idea on how we could work together, or if you would like to learn more about of our projects, please reach out, we would love to connect.

Contact Us

To start a conversation, please contact Kate Hurley, Marketing, Communications and Development Manager on 0402 282 224 or email [email protected].