Resources for domestic family violence practitioners



The Practice Framework sets out ‘how we do things around here’ and underpins DVSM's service delivery policies, practice guides and tools.


Practice reviews are a combination of facilitated discussion and supportive questioning where we seek to gain clarity, find solutions and generate new ideas. It is through reviewing our practice together that we learn from each other’s experiences.


Follow My Lead is an awareness-raising resource for any person who at some point may be listening to and responding to their friends, family members, colleagues, peers or to the people who use their service, who are experiencing DFV. The resource may also have benefits for people who are: thinking about their own relationships and experience of DFV, seeking support about their own lived (or live) experience of DFV, and/or working as a service responder to people experiencing DFV.

Understanding a person’s lived experience of violence

DVSM is committed to supporting people, organisations and communities develop a more accurate understanding of lived experiences of violence and the role we play as social responders. Through our ‘Creating Conversations’ events with Dr Linda Coates and Dr Allan Wade from the Centre of Response-Based Practice, we have produced a series of short videos that explore a range of key concepts such as:

  • Dignity
  • Resistance to violence
  • Understanding abusive behaviour
  • The role of social responses

Visit Insight Exchange to view these videos.


Wellbeing Resources

(Information Resources, Guides, Tools)

ChildStory Reporter

Mandatory reporters in NSW should use the Mandatory Reporter Guide (MRG) if they have concerns that a child or young person is at risk of being neglected or physically, sexually or emotionally abused.

Financial Safety Checklist

This Checklist resource includes an extensive range of questions and actions for people experience family violence to work toward financial security.

Follow My Lead

This resource speaks from the voices of people with lived experience of Domestic and Family Violence who need the professionals and their social networks to be more prepared to respond effectively. More prepared to respond in ways that uphold dignity and build on safety.

Guide to Domestic Violence: Risk Assessment, Risk Reduction, and Safety Plan

An American perspective: The Nashville Police guide to risk assessment, risk reduction and safety planning.

I Matter App

Developed to help young women understand the warning signs of abusive and controlling behaviour in relationships as well as to promote healthy self-esteem.

Recognise and Recover

A domestic and family violence community resource guide for addressing financial abuse. Developed by the Commonwealth Bank the guide helps identify and provide support for those experiencing financial abuse.

Safety Net Project

Develops resources and information on the use of technology for agencies and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and trafficking.


Facebook's safety policies, tools and resources for increasing safety while using Facebook.

Voices of Experience

Voices of Experience are written insights and reflections from people with lived experience of domestic and family violence and other adversities.

Voices of Experience

Voices of Resistance was an Insight Exchange project that documented four women’s resistance and responses to the violence they experienced. You can read their narratives on Insight Exchange.

Wellbeing Resource – Child Development

The information contained in this wellbeing resource is designed for practitioners and parents to build on awareness and understanding of child development.

Women’s Financial Wellbeing Guide

A guide to help women build their financial independence, become financially secure and enhance their financial wellbeing at all life stages.