DFV and Acquired Brain Injury


Engaging in the Project Report

The full Project Report and related resources are available, below.

Project Resources and Maps


Responder resources

  • DVSM DFV/ABI Resource 01: DFV & ABI Summary *(in development)
  • DVSM DFV/ABI Resource 02: DFV & Concussion/m-TBI *(in development)
  • DVSM DFV/ABI Resource 03: DFV & Strangulation *(in development)
  • DVSM DFV/ABI Resource 04: DFV & Neurocognitive Difficulties *(in development)

To bring sustained focus to this intersection a small number of organisations have supported the release of the Domestic and Family Violence/Acquired Brain Injury Project Report to increase the likelihood of it being distributed and taken up more broadly across contexts, districts and states/territories.


The following organisations have supported the project launch and progress on the intersection:

Read here about what these seven organisations have been and will be doing to support improved awareness and response to the intersection of Domestic and Family Violence and Acquired Brain Injury.

Note: This group does not reflect every organisation who already does and can play an important role in driving change. Read here how many individuals and organisations attended the launch.

Further development

For further development, such as the items listed below, please contact the most relevant organisation listed above to pursue your questions or support.

  • Training – Specific Specialist
  • ECAV Training
  • I want to engage in one of the opportunities
  • I have a new opportunity I am initiating
  • I want to undertake research
  • I want to volunteer, sponsor or donate

*DVSM DFV/ABI Resources 01, 02, 03, & 04 are in development and will be made available via the DFV/ABI Report pages of this website subject to a process of internal feedback and review with practitioners and people who use our services.