What we do and where we are 

What we do

DVSM support people experiencing Domestic and Family Violence, homelessness, or other safety and wellbeing needs in NSW. We provide direct services to people experiencing Domestic and Family Violence and homelessness. We are also continuously working to strengthen social, service, and system responses to people experiencing domestic and family violence together with Insight Exchange.


Refuge Outreach Action Response (ROAR)

(Western Sydney)

Moving Out Moving On (MOMO)

(Inner City Sydney)

Wilcannia Safe House (WSH)

(Far West NSW)

Domestic Violence After Hours Service (DVAHS)

(Western Sydney)

Accompanied Children's Support Services (ACSS)

(Western Sydney)

1500 women

Where we are

DVSM provides support services in an urban context (Inner Sydney), in a suburban context (Western Sydney), and in remote rural NSW (Wilcannia). DVSM offer four key services across New South Wales. Moving Out Moving On (Inner Sydney), Refuge Outreach Action Response and Domestic Violence After Hours Service (both in Western Sydney) and Wilcannia Safe House in rural New South Wales.


The geographic span of our services within New South Wales offers unique insights and approaches across the diverse communities we work within.


DVSM are committed to helping more and more women and children impacted by Domestic Violence every year. In the last year alone, DVSM has supported more than 1,500 women and children experiencing or escaping violence, but there are so many more who need our help.

We can’t do this alone. Help us support more women and children when they are in crisis, through a donation. Whether its $5 or $500 every donation counts and enables DVSM to offer support to women in need.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.