FDV No Interest Loans (NILS)

(NSW Wide)

DVSM have partnered with Good Shepherd Australia to offer our clients additional support with No Interest Loans.

No Interest Loans (NILs) are a smart loan option to help our clients manage their money.  Up to $2,000 can be borrowed for essential goods and services with no fees, no interest, and no charges, EVER.
NILS provides our clients the opportunity to only pay back what they borrow and nothing more.

There are times in life, despite how hard you try to keep on top of things, when unexpected expenses pop up.  Washing machine has broken down?  Unexpected car repairs?  Car registration due? Need a new laptop for work or school? NILs will pay the cost of these essential goods or services straight to the supplier / vendor.  Loans cannot be used for cash, bills or debts.

No interest loans

Women, trans women and non-binary people are eligible for FDV NILs if they:

  • Have experienced family or domestic violence in the past 10 years
  • Are aged 18 and older
  • Hold a visa that expires beyond the loan term
  • Have a source of income enabling repayment of the loan - this can be solely government payments. (Affordability is assessed through the process)
  • There is no upper income threshold

You can contact No Interest Loans (NILS)
directly, without a referral

Or email [email protected]

Mon-Friday between 9am and 5pm


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