What you can expect

We are here to support you.
Your lived experience. Your needs. Your hopes.

"How you respond to me when I share with you, and in the time that follows, matters significantly to me."

Follow My Lead, 2018

People are at the heart of our approach and we use a case-by-case process to identify, understand and respond to a person’s individual needs. This could include advocacy, housing services and/or goal setting.

We all have rights and responsibilities.
Our commitment to you is that we will:

  • Uphold your dignity. We will not ask or expect you to do anything that you don’t want to do.
  • Not discriminate on any grounds (race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, personal values, age, disability, and economic status).
  • Do what we say we will – we’ll keep our word and take the actions we agree to.
    Respect you as the expert in your life. We will value and respond to your needs and preferences.
  • Develop a plan with you and will be flexible about how we work together, respecting the choices you make.
  • Support you to enhance your safety and wellbeing.
  • Support the child/ren in your care to meet their needs.
  • Work with you to provide the service you need and link you with other services who can support you. It is your decision which service you prefer to work with.
    Be professional and meet high standards of health and safety to support you and your family to be safe.
  • Keep your information private and confidential and share with you how we do this.
  • Try our best to get the outcomes you seek.
  • Make opportunities for you to take an active role in the decision-making processes of our service.
  • Listen and consider your views about our service. If you have feedback please tell us. If you have a complaint please tell us, so we can address it and do things better in the future.
  • Facilitate free access to interpreter services if needed via phone or in person.

What we ask from you in return is that you will:

  • Respect others, including staff and other families.
  • Tell us the things we need to know to support you.
  • Take the actions you have agreed to in your support plan.
  • Tell us when things change, or if the actions we agreed aren’t working for you.
  • Come to your appointments free of alcohol or drugs. If you are under the influence, please reschedule.
  • Keep other people’s information private including on social media or in the community.
  • Take care of DVSM property.