Western Sydney (DVAHS)


There are two services in Western Sydney:

Domestic Violence After-Hours Service (DVAHS)

Domestic Violence After-Hours Service (DVAHS) provides support to women and their children in Western Sydney who are experiencing or escaping Domestic and Family Violence.

The service is funded to prioritise work with;

  • Women and any accompanying children who are in (or needing) temporary accommodation due to escaping Domestic and Family Violence
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families experiencing Domestic and Family Violence and homelessness.

The DVAHS team provide personalised services through a case management process and often this support includes practical and/or emotional support. We offer access to information and can assist to make referrals to specialised services as needed.

Every individual's support needs are different

Below are just a few of the ways that the DVAHS team have provided support to people:

  • Immediate access to emotional support and contact throughout the night if needed
  • Support with knowledge of what services are available to women escaping or experiencing Domestic and Family Violence
  • Provision of essentials such as food, clothing or personal items or other pressing needs such as medication
  • Help with the establishment of, and relocation to a new home
  • Assistance to access financial benefit including crisis payments
  • Financial support to access temporary accommodation following immediate crisis.

Find out more about who DVAHS works with.

You can contact Domestic Violence After Hours Service (DVAHS) directly, without a referral:

This service is also available through formal referrals from:

  • Link2Home – available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 1800 152 152. This is a free call from a landline
  • Domestic Violence Line – available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 1800 656 463. This is a free call from a landline
  • NSW Local Police
  • Hospital Emergency Department