Western Sydney (ROAR)


There are two services in Western Sydney:

Refuge Outreach Action Response (ROAR)

Refuge Outreach Action Response (ROAR) operates in Sydney’s Hills district and Blacktown local government areas and provides refuge accommodation for women with children escaping Domestic and Family Violence.  Additionally, the service provides support in the community to people who are escaping or experiencing Domestic and Family Violence and those who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless.

The service prioritises work with;

  • Women with children with lived experience of Domestic and Family Violence
  • Women with children who are leaving institutions
  • Fathers with children in their care experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless
  • Other family groups
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families experiencing Domestic and Family Violence and homelessness.

A closer look at ROAR

At ROAR our aim is for people to be and feel safe. Our service model includes the provision of short to medium term accommodation as well as supporting people in the community, in their homes or in alternative settings to minimise barriers for people in engaging with our service.

Individuals accommodated at the refuge are provided with free access to essential items such as linen, personal items, children’s clothing, Wi-Fi and unlimited access to dedicated spaces and toys/activities for children of all ages.

We understand that pets form part of the family and can accommodate cats, dogs and other small animals on site.

We develop a support plan with all individuals that the service supports, both in the refuge and through outreach, with the aim of assisting people to reach their stated goals with brokerage funding available to support some goals. ROAR has working partnerships with local services to enable easy access to therapeutic services for children and young people in the service as well as programs to support the parenting relationship where this is wanted.

Our approach is person-centred and we acknowledge that people are experts in their own lives and use a support planning model which upholds the dignity of all people we support. We do this by listening to the individuals and taking their direction on how we can best support in a way which protects their dignity, safety and wellbeing.

Every individual's support needs are different. Below are just a few of the ways that the ROAR team have provided support to people:

  • Support to access therapeutic interventions for women and children
  • Assistance to navigate the housing options available and support to find longer-term accommodation
  • Access to brokerage which will support long term employment and accommodation
  • Support to access legal advice and referrals to other services as identified through the support planning process
  • Support at the hospital during birth as no other support network available due to Domestic and Family Violence
  • Support to escape violence and reunite with significant others, this may include moving interstate to reconnect with family and/or land.

You can contact Refuge Outreach Action Response (ROAR) directly


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