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Sightlines is the Professional Services division of DVSM, established in 2015 and works to provide capacity building supports to corporates, institutes, organisations, services and communities. Sightlines works in a way that involves actively listening to people and communities with lived experience of Domestic and Family Violence and draws on evidence-based practice and practice-based evidence to improve social, service and system responses to violence.

The Sightlines Team includes DVSM’s CEO, the Sightlines Participation and Engagement Advisor, Sightlines Associate – Economic Wellbeing and Workplace & EAP Responses and team of Sightlines Associates who lead and/or support projects that relate to practice priorities and community needs.

Examples of our initiatives that work across each level of influence:


Direct engagement and participation of people with lived experience of Domestic and Family Violence to inform the design and development of resources, projects, initiatives and insights shared with the service system and wider ecosystem.


Drawing from the input of people with lived experience of violence our work is positioned to strengthen social, sector and system awareness of and responses to violence. We do this through initiates that involve:

  • collating and developing relevant evidence, ideas and resources that reveal more informed and accurate descriptions and experiences of violence
  • hosting and distributing resources, ideas and information in affordable and accessible formats
  • fostering and enabling connections between services, sectors and systems to share and shoulder social responsibility to redress violence in our contexts and communities
  • supporting leaders and champions in building engagement and capacity within their context.

Key Examples: 

Insight Exchange is an initiative designed to strengthen social responses to Domestic and Family Violence. The INSIGHT component invites people with lived experiences of Domestic and Family Violence to share their experience through a safe and ethical process that affirms agency and upholds dignity. The EXCHANGE component shares a person’s insights in a de-identified way with individuals, communities and organisations. Fully accurate insights can better inform our awareness, responsibility, and how we all respond to Domestic and Family Violence.

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More detail and further initiatives are outlined on Insight Exchange.

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