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Established in 2015, Sightlines is the Professional Services division of DVSM, working to provide capacity building supports to corporates, institutes, organisations, services and communities. Sightlines works in a way that involves actively listening to people and communities with lived experience of domestic and family violence and draws on evidence-based practice and practice-based evidence to improve social, service and system responses to violence.

The Sightlines Team includes DVSM’s CEO and two Sightlines Associates who lead and/or support projects that relate to practice priorities and community needs. They are further supported by Friends of Sightlines; a diverse group of people with differing professional backgrounds that enrich the work.

Our key initiative, Insight Exchange involves two key components. The INSIGHT component - listening to people with lived experiences of domestic and family violence and highlighting where responses they received were helpful, unhelpful and harmful, and the EXCHANGE component - working across sectors to engage people towards this insight to inform how they shape and improve their responses to people experiencing violence.

Insight Exchange has a web platform offering support across diverse sectors and national and international contacts who are taking up the work. We would like to acknowledge the Centre for Response-Based Practice, Canada for their generous and progressive, ongoing collaboration with us.

In parallel to her role in the Sightlines team, Rebecca Glenn is the founder of Centre for Women's Economic Safety (CWES). DVSM in its commitment to redress violence and improve responses for people experiencing violence, has committed to funding a joint project between DVSM and CWES to develop an Insights Paper into economic abuse, which will be used to help inform development of a framework for Women’s Economic Safety.

More detail and further initiatives are outlined on Insight Exchange.

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