Projects and initiatives



The following projects and initiatives have been developed through the interdependent work of Service Delivery Teams and Sightlines Professional image



  • Insight Exchange – Insight Exchange is an initiative designed to strengthen social responses to Domestic and Family Violence. The INSIGHT component invites people with lived experiences of Domestic and Family Violence to share their experience through a safe and ethical process that affirms agency and upholds dignity. The EXCHANGE component shares a person’s insights in a de-identified way with individuals, communities and organisations.

Key Insight initiatives

    • Follow My Lead – Follow My Lead speaks from the voices of people with lived experience of Domestic and Family Violence who need the professionals and their social networks to be more prepared to respond effectively. More prepared to respond in ways that uphold dignity and build on safety.
    • My Safety Kit - This resource is for anyone who is, or may be, experiencing domestic and family violence to support reflection and consider next steps.
    • Voices of Resistance – Voices of Resistance was a project that documented four women’s resistance and responses to the violence they experienced. The project participants supported the development and prototyping of the interview process for Insight Exchange through the sharing of their resistance and responses to violence.
    • Voices of Insight - Voices of Insight are de-identified narratives of people’s lived experience of domestic and family violence and other adversities.
    • Voices of Experience - are written insights and reflections from people with lived experience of domestic and family violence and other adversities.

Key Exchange initiatives

    • Creating Conversations Events – Creating Conversations Events create the conditions for conversations that enable sharing and learning about each other’s contexts, challenges and contributions. They are designed so that organisations, institutes, individuals and communities can be introduced to and reflect on the ideas of resistance to violence, social responses and dignity.
    • Language Lab - The Language Lab an initiative focused on how we use language to represent violence. It provides tools for people to check their use of language and more accurately represent violence and abuse.
    • Practice Exchange - Practice Exchange provides a supported opportunity for organisations to review real-world scenarios, interview transcripts, case management notes, practice guidelines and policy frameworks from the
      perspective of response-based practice.
    • Understanding Financial Abuse - This project involves people with lived experience of domestic financial abuse sharing their insights in a safe, ethical and de-identified way to help improve our understanding of, and responses to, financial abuse.
    • Workplace responses - This initiative involves workplaces and employee assistance programs (EAPs) committed to improving their awareness of, and responses to, domestic and family violence.
  • Concepts of Safety – The Concepts of Safety Project arose from the critical question we found ourselves asking: how can we increase safety for people experiencing Domestic and Family Violence? This project has required us to review and to more clearly define what we mean by the concepts of; Domestic and Family Violence; Wellbeing; Safety; and Dignity, and to do this within the broader social context within which violence is occurring.


DVSM has explored lines of enquiry on particular focus areas. These reflections have been collated into reflections series papers.

  • Reflections Paper 2.1 – DFV and ABI Intersection
    This paper provides a review of some of the key issues and includes:
    • Questions and critical analysis
    • Recommendations, from the perspective of DVSM’s frontline Domestic and Family Violence workers, that DVSM could reasonably undertake; and
    • Considerations on how the intersection of DFV and ABI may affect the clients that DVSM works with.